Exhibition Para doxa


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Exhibition Para doxa

Para doxa, heterodoxies of the event is an exhibition curated bu Emmanuel Adely (writer) and Frédéric Dumond (artist and writer) in echo to the commemoration of oct 17, 1961.
Opening: 5 october 2011 from 6 to 9pm.
From 30/09 till 14/01/2012
Galerie Villa des Tourelles, Nanterre, France

para doxa, hétérodoxies de l’événement

At this date, hundreds of Algerians (at least 200) were thrown into the Seine river by the french police and died, flooded. that event was hidden during decades, and thanks to the strength and will of Algerians, the work on memory has been done, and now the event begins to be known.

Artists: Oriana Eliçabe (with her piece Global Recistance) ; The battle of Orgreave by Jeremy Deller (a reenactment of that battle, directed by the artist, battle between miners and police during the Thatcher’s era) ; one piece by Frédéric Dumond, on repression dates all over the world, as a pre-history of repression, one piece by Emmanuel Adely, « no more reality », based on its 5 years project of press watch, where he depicted facts every day), « no more reality » by Philippe Parreno, a videotape where a group of children (aged 5 to 9) in a children’s dance, hanging placards where “no more reality” is written), a photography by claire fontaine (« Visions of the world, Greece, 2006 »), «Videogramms of a revolution » by Harun Farocky. With also event programming of La commune, and The bomb by Peter Watkins and the presence in the city of texts by writers they ask to think on the notion of event, or who already wrote about one : those texts will be presented like dazibaos they are Sonia Chiambretto (about that oct 17), Nicole Caligaris (about the massacre of Setif), Alban Lefranc (about the RAF in Germany), Arno Calleja, Didier Daeninckx (about october 1961, Oliver Rohe (on Lebanon), Daniel de Roulet (extracts from his last book, on Fukushima)…

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