We are not numbers

We are not numbers

No Longer Empty is proud to announce our 14th exhibition in the Clock Tower in Long Island City, Queens. The iconic former Bank of Manhattan building will open its doors, vaults and even illuminate The Clock Tower to host an immersive and ambitious site-specific exhibition.

As the title implies, “How Much Do I Owe You?” is a personal and conversational exploration into the new iterations of currency, value and exchange at this time of financial flux, growing debt and job insecurity.

From the virtualization of money to the rise of non-monetary barter networks, recent years have seen a re-thinking of forms and systems of exchange, and thus notions of value, commodity, and debt that surround them.

Inspired by the Bank building and the surrounding neighborhood, 26 artists from 15 countries confront these issues and how they are negotiated in the workforce, housing market, and in the every day. Curated by Chief Curator, Manon Slome, the public will experience a variety of media, from sound installations, projections, and film to participatory projects, immersive installations and large scale sculptures.

Enmedio and the TAF! participated with the instalation “We are not numbers”.

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