#GEZIeffect Exhibition

#GEZIeffect Exhibition

We are glad to invite you to the opening of the exhibition #efecteGEZI (#GEZIeffect) next May 28th at 19.30h in Plaza Catalunya (and Portal del Angel St.), in the city center of Barcelona. The outdoors exhibition will be exhibit until June 15th.


The transformative power of art

A project by Oriana Eliçabe.

Produced by the International Catalan Institute for Peace.

This project is inspired by the diversity of actors and tactics of creative resistance used to defend Gezi Park, focusing on the images circulated on social media after the occupation of the park. The peculiar use of those pictures in the social networks that became memes, with repercussions far beyond Istanbul to reach various parts of Turkish territory and a large segment of society.

We could say that the project is a revisiting of the #geziEffect communication phenomenon and the collective search for new values born in #occupyGezi based on cooperation, solidarity and respect for differences.

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