#GEZIeffect (video)

#GEZIeffect (video)

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On May 28th 2013 a small group of activists set up camp in Gezi park to protect the trees from being chopped down and to stop a new shopping mall from being built in a public park Istanbil’s city center, Turkey.

In order to defend democracy its citizens took to the streets, occupying the park as a symbolic space. As well as the “indignados” in Spain this movement surprised the world with its creative resistance approach.

That was the beginning of the effect Gezi.

This project was inspired by the diversity of actors and creative resistance practices used to defend Gezi Park, as well as in the photographs that were circulated on social media after the occupation of the park. The peculiar use of those pictures in the social media that became memes, functioned as a pull effect beyond the limits of Istanbul to reach various parts of Turkish territory and a large segment of society.
This project is in a way a revisiting of the Gezi effect communication phenomenon and the collective search for new values born in #occupyGezi based on cooperation, solidarity and respect for differences.

Whatch the photo project here.
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