Conferencia en ISSP (International Summer School of Photography)

Conferencia en ISSP (International Summer School of Photography)

El próximo 18 de julio estaré presentando en la ISSP (International Summer School of Photography) en Letonia, la charla “Photography as a direct action: tactics and principles for a radical imagination” donde hablaré del camino recorrido hasta llegar al #TAF! Taller de Acción Fotográfica de Enmedio

Una aportación mas a esta edición 2019 “Photography and the World”* donde participará gente muy interesante. Aquí la programación.

Si estáis por ahí estáis más que invitadxs.

* The first thematic edition of the ISSP, “Photography and the World”, will be looking at photography as a possible tool for positive change, with reference to global issues the world is facing today. The participants will look beyond the sometimes insular bubble of the photography and art world, and try to answer questions like – What role can art/ photography play in relation to the events and processes happening in the world? What are the ways art can contribute to the societies we live in? What is the role of the photographer – as a professional, an activist, a member of the community, a responsible human being?

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