Audiovisual Madres Lesbianas

Audiovisual Madres Lesbianas

Este audiovisual fue realizado en 2001 con las fotografías de seis de las diez familias involucradas en el proyecto Madres Lesbianas.
Una sucesión de imágenes captadas en la convivencia familiar y montadas con la música que estas familias solían escuchar en su casa.

Madres Lesbianas from orianomada on Vimeo.

This multimedia was conducted in 2001 with photographs of six of the ten families involved in the project Lesbian Mothers.
A sequence of images captured on family life and music assembled with these families used to listen at home.

You can view full screen with the «four arrows button» on the right of the display.

«Lesbian Mothers» looks at female homosexuality through the daily lives of ten different families. The photographs of these new families reveal a mirror image of traditional families, contributing to the deconstruction of the patriarchal idea of the traditional family and breaking away from the false myths created around homosexuality.

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