Photography in Action! Workshops

The TAF! (Taller de Acción Fotográfica) is a photographic workshop made for and ready for action coordinated by Oriana Eliçabe. In TAF! workshops, the context of the city is transformed into a frequency that can be interrupted with the use of image in the least expected ways. 

Our exhibition gallery is the street, our pieces are framed by the social context that surrounds them, and are commissioned by the people of the social struggles they represent. Our cameras are mirrors that reflect what we are and what we might be, not shields to hide behind infront of strangers. The objective is to bring us closer together. 

The TAF! has had different stages and forms in its constant development. But all TAF! workshops share the focus of reconceiving documentary photography, its production and its distribution in relation to the political task at hand.  By approaching these objectives with different forms and methods, we open a collective space to examine some of the least-explored places of our social landscape. 

The TAF! was born in the middle of the crisis of mass media, in the middle of the European crisis and its social movements. The TAF! has grown out of, and is part of, the artists collective Enmedio (“In the Middle”), and continues its ongoing investigation of the spaces in between art and social activism. 


Watch some actions here

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